The idea of online seminars was born with the desire to create an international community of thinkers that despite the distance seek a   dialogue on various topics in the field of religious experience

These seminars will be monthly. The videos will be published online on our YouTube channel (phenomenology of religious experience) and on our website.

Each month we will host experts for a 20 minute talk on a topic of their choice, followed by a Q&A session.

We encourage our community of scholars to join our gatherings and take part of the seminars

If you are interested in participating the seminars as speakers or if you want to have more information, please contact:  

Antony SteinbockCarbondale University

Marc Applebaum, Saybrook University

Jean-Paul De Lucca, University of Malta

Mohammad Shafiei, Sorbonne University

Joshua A. O' ConnorUniversity of Chicago

Julia Mühl, Padenborg University

Andrea Staiti, Boston College

Yaser Mirdamadi, University of Edinborg

confirmed Speakers

Prof. Steinbock is author of Home and Beyond: Generative Phenomenology after Husserl, Phenomenology and Mysticism, and articles on political, social and phenomenological philosophy. Translator of Edmund Husserl's Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis: Lectures on Transcendental Logic.

Prof. Steinbock will be presenting on the notion of the verticality of religious experience. To cite his words “The relation to the Holy through which I am given to myself charges with a kind of “ought.” This “ought” that comes to me, comes to me “alone” such that it can neither be exchanged for another “ought” nor transferred to another person. It is given independently of my explicit knowledge of it and before I could choose it for myself. Yet it is given in such a way that I, as human being, can grasp it as meaningful for myself and as peculiar to Myself, as a good-in-itself-for-me”

We encourage our community of scholars to submit questions to the author by email to by December, 1. We will publish the videos of the seminar and the Q&A session on our websites and YouTube channel. Subscribe if you want to receive the updates.Type your paragraph here.


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