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Phenomenology of Religious Experience is a research organization of scholars interested in advancement of knowledge in phenomenology of religious experiencing. Religious experience is extremely polymorphous and elusive category of human experience. It is not clear what makes experience into religious experience, what are the conditions of possibility for it, whether it can be phenomenologically or scientifically researched, and above all, whether it even exists. These questions were addressed by Henry, Husserl, Tymieniecka, Levinas Heidegger, Stein, and many more. However, neither philosophers nor theologians who researched experience out of inquiry into first person consciousness, succeeded in findings the final and definitive answers. A clearer vision of religious experience is found within oral and textual traditions which rely on collective intentionality of religious thought



The idea of online seminars was born with the desire to create an international community of thinkers that despite the distance seek a   dialogue on various topics in the field of religious experience These seminars will be monthly. The videos will be published online on our YouTube channel (phenomenology of religious experience) and on our website.
Each month we will host experts for a 20 minute talk on a topic of their choice, followed by a Q&A session. We encourage our community of scholars to join our gatherings and take part of the seminars.

If you are interested in participating the seminars as speakers or if you want to have more information, please contact: 

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Phenomenology of religious experience is the topic of the conference that will be held in the Berkeley in November, 4-5 2016.